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I began giving these presentations in 1996 because a friend and fellow Kindergarten teacher asked me to come to her Kindergarten class to talk with her children about bees. Word spread amongst teachers that I was also a beekeeper and I got asked to go present to more school classes. In 1998, when the Canadian Association for Young Children (CAYC) held their National Conference here in Winnipeg I put up a display of all that I do and gave out information about my presentations in all the participants' packages. This led to invitations from schools, nurseries, child care centres, summer programs, a Kiwanis luncheon, and now senior's adult day programs. I continue to provide these presentations today because I am continually in awe of the bees and their incredibly complex world.

- Quote by Marg Smith, Owner of Marg's Honey Inc.-

Presenting Picture

For each presentation we stage, we prepare honey samples for tasting, follow-up ideas and materials (if needed).

The presentation lasts about 1 hour, depending on the audience, and features various beekeeping equipment and clothing (suit, boots, hat, veil, gloves), a bottom box from a hive (no bees), complete with frames inside for viewing

We also bring pictures, books and a short video clip

Among the many subjects we talk about are pollination, the foods we eat and how bees are involved, the process of honey extraction, the life cycles of bees and much more

We usually end with a question/answer period and, in certain cases, we will even hand out recipe cards to take home!

The time flies by and, hopefully, everyone comes away from the presentations with a better appreciation of bees and what an important role they play in the cycle of life!

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