Honey made the old fashioned way - Only sweet nectar and hard work! Unadulterated; no additives, it's 100% naturally Canadian.


The bees pollinate and create beautiful golden beeswax. Then we use their beeswax and filter it thoroughly to make our Candle Products. Our candles are made without any harsh chemicals or bleach in order to ensure a nice and bright, soot-free, sweet smelling burn.

Molded Candles Rolled Sheet Candles


We currently offer 2 different types of candles:

When making Molded candles, we melt our wax and pour it by hand into molds of varying types and sizes. We have a wide array of beatifully crafted candles with 100% cotton wicks. These beeswax tapers, and pillars are denser and burn much longer than Rolled Honey Comb candles.

Dipped candles maintain a "classic" look akin to what Chandlers used to make back in days of yore. The process of making these candles is more time consuming as we have to wait for each coat of wax to dry before dipping the wick again. The finished product, however, will sport an authentic and romantic look that is unmatched by modern methods of candle making.

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