Honey made the old fashioned way - Only sweet nectar and hard work! Unadulterated; no additives, it's 100% naturally Canadian.


Our Honey is made from the finest nectar. Don't believe me? Buy a pint and try it for yourself!

Please be aware that Honey is sold by the pound. Our Honey Prices vary from season to season, depending on supply and demand and they are set by the Manitoba Beekeepers Association, who regulates the prices of Honey across Manitoba.

Type Price Comments
Sunflower Honey $3.50 / lb n/a
Multifloral Honey $3.50 / lb n/a
Buckwheat Honey $3.75 / lb n/a
Clover Honey $3.50 / lb Clear & light tasting and never heated - Limited Supply!

Our honey may be bought in two ways.

  1. "farm gate" that is YOU provide the containers and we will fill them.
    • The above prices are for farm gate honey.
    • There is a slight discount for orders with quantities between 30 and 50 lbs
      • 3.25/lb
    • There is a larger discount for orders over 50 pounds
      • 3.00/lb
    • This Does Not Apply to buckwheat honey
  2. Since become CFIA registered, honey sold other than farm gate must be in regulated containers. The Prices for those are:
size price
500 g $5.00
1 kg $9.45
3 kg $22.70
4 L $36.70
7 L $55.65

If you are interested in purchasing our honey, please use our contact form.