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A Filipino worker - Dennis

Due to the shortage of workers in our particular profession, they recently decided sponsor people from overseas to come and work for them in the summers. They've had 2 individuals from the Philippenes who have come in and worked over the last couple of years.

Dennis was brought aboard in the summer of 2009 and provided a much needed hand during the dog days of summer. Whether it was extraction or site evaluations, Dennis came in and helped them stay on schedule. They enjoyed the exchange of knowledge about beekeeping and the processes that are used in other parts of the world.

For the Summer of 2010, they are bringing bringing Dennis back to work with them. They are also grateful to be able to hire Restituto to help out this year as well. They are eagerly awaiting their arrival and are looking forward to reacquainting themselves with Dennis and meeting another indivudual with different life experiences.

If you are on overseas worker and are interested in taking part in a summer work adventure, just Contact Us and let us know what you are interested in doing.