Honey made the old fashioned way - Only sweet nectar and hard work! Unadulterated; no additives, it's 100% naturally Canadian.
Employment picture

When Marg's Honey started out, the thought of hiring anyone to work on their hives was inconcievable as the business was never big (or profitable) enough to warrant hiring someone to work for them. But over the years, good fortune has smiled on them. Today, they employ between 2-5 people including workers who are hired from overseas in the Philippines.

The work generally only takes place between March and November but it can last from 8 hours, for the regular employees, to up to 16 hours, for the owner and family who work there.

The work consists of heavy lifting, driving to different farm sites to check on the bees to dealing with trapped wildlife and bee swarms. It is quite different from the normal job, but those who do it say that they love it and that they learn a lot.

If you are interested in pursuing a summer job with us, please fill out the contact form and let us know!