Honey made the old fashioned way - Only sweet nectar and hard work! Unadulterated; no additives, it's 100% naturally Canadian.


About Us Truck

Located in peaceful St. Andrews, Manitoba since 2004, Marg's Honey has experienced relative success given the economic climate recently.

They employ between 2-5 people including overseas workers from the Philippines whom they hire to help out around the summer months. With their help, they manufacture around 60,000 - 70,000 lbs of honey per year. If that sounds like it's a lot of work to, then you'd be right! Their work year starts in March and ends in late November. Their average day is 16 hours and involves plenty of heavy lifting.

Together, they make the hive boxes, prepare the bees for Spring, tend to the hives throughout the summer months, extract the honey, prepare the hives for wintering and sell the honey throughout the winter. It really is a full time job.